Sophi Lou is a high-end fashion label with a collection that expands during time. We work with high quality fabrics, classic shapes, unisex items and we believe in sustainability trough design.

Our goal is to make a Zero Waste wardrobe; By re-design, re-thinking the patterns in such a way that we have almost no residual material left.

For our first piece of the ongoing collection we made a T-shirt: Sophi Lou No.001. the most iconic, unisex, and versatile piece in any wardrobe.

During our year of researching and re-inventing the perfect T-shirt, we reduced the usual 15% waste of substances during production of T-shirts into 4 %. And with this 4% waste we make our labels and other products.

We strive for sustainability in all facets. But sometimes concessions have to be made to guarantee the quality. We make clothes that last a long time, in timelessness and using high quality fabrics.

We continue to improve our items even though we have a permanent collection. The Materials and manners of production will always remain in development.

We are always looking for a new way to increase sustainability. We are always open to like-minded people with ideas about design, material and branding.

Sophi Lou was founded in june 2018 by Dorien Bolhuis and Eva Zonneveld-Pool.

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