The philosophy behind our T-shirt
In our mind, a T-shirt is the most iconic piece of every wardrobe and worldwide the most worn item. That’s why we started our ongoing collection with this item: the T-shirt. We work with high quality fabrics, perfect fit, unisex items and we believe in sustainability through design. By researching and redesigning the T-shirt over and over again, we managed to create a design that creates only about 3% waste.

The usual waste during production of a T-shirt lays between 15% and 17%

Making process of the T-shirt

Every T-shirt is carefully sewn together with indications that fits our standard of quality. Because it is a one pattern T-shirt, the making process is much faster than a usual T-shirt and the waste of a different size is with every T-shirt the same because of our working method.
The one pattern T-shirt
By perfecting the shape over and over again, we succeeded in making a pattern with a perfect fit for both men and women. The T-shirt is made from one pattern, this means: there are no side seams, armholes, or shoulder seams. A closer look of the No. 001 will reveal our refined details, minimalistic design philosophy and innovative finishing.

Our research for the perfect fabric

To make it complete we have chosen a luxurious fabric that stays beautiful after each wash and wear without losing its colour. The fabric, a Punta di Roma, is beautiful Italian knit that is still practical enough for everyday use. The soft fabric is completely comfortable and unique in that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Perfect for wearing all year round.

Made in the EU

All of our T-shirts are exclusively made in the EU to ensure good working standards, high skill level and fair wages. To make sure we are a brand that is sustainable in different ways, we work also together with local entrepreneurs and businesses as much as we can.

Quality check

The T-shirt is checked for construction errors or other irregularities. All of our product are carefully packed before shipping.

Shipped worldwide

The T-shirts are shipped worldwide. They are delivered straight to the preferred address of the costumer and are fully traceable.
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