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A new festive


feminine product.

discover how zero waste design can be durable and timeless and elegant.

Our newest product

Our newest product is the most feminine and elegant version of the T-shirt so far. The top is made of a see through and craquelé fabric and has a feminine neckline with a scarf attached to it. It can be nicely tied at the front, but it could also hang elegantly at the back; whatever suits you best.

Clothes aren't going to change the world,

the people who wear them will

Discover our story about zero waste design


We have made the commitment to offer a timeless and zero waste wardrobe. A commitment to conserving the environment and to beautiful, durable design extends to every aspect of SOPHI LOU. We offer a thoughtful, pared down wardrobe created with meticulous attention to fabrics and details.

zero waste design